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Train With the Spiritual Warriors

Kempo Spiritual Warriors develop a flexible, strong and harmonious body in which a healthy and balanced spirit lives and grows. Training Kempo develops motor skills and simultaneously grows and stretches muscles. Kempo can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

Kempo training includes:

  • The skill of nonviolent self-defense

  • Respiratory-energy training

  • Mental training focused on movement and integration of body and mind

Kempo breaks down barriers between us and others. It brings us into harmony with our nature by revealing those parts that are otherwise hidden or repressed. It physically frees us from limiting muscle patterns or conditions and thus serves as a therapeutic practice. By reaching the deeper layers, Kempo practice influences our internal organs' function and strengthens and stabilizes the metabolism. Therefore we feel more vital and healthier.

Kempo is not a sport and there are no competitions. Kempo martial art stimulates the destruction of all negative states and emotions (created by today's fast lifestyle) such as, e.g., stress, depression, anger, lack of focus, laziness, weakness, hyperactivity, hatred, etc. Practicing Kempo eliminates negative physical and mental states and increases inner peace, self-confidence, creativity and fitness of every Kempo practitioner.

When a person starts to develop a harmonious body, the positive effects of Kempo are immediate - self-confidence increases, and the energy level in the body is balanced. The body's energy is rebalanced either by recharging or by releasing the excess energy. Kempo believes that the mind and body are one indivisible whole. Through Kempo's ancient movements, we influence our inner mental states. 

Through a series of self-confrontations, both physical and mental, Kempo practitioners experience a "sudden" spiritual development.

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