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She was born in 1986 in Zagreb. She first encountered Kempo in 2013 by participating in the Basic Course even though she believed that martial arts are "for someone else". Until then, she attended various fitness programs that would become predictable and boring despite the cheerful atmosphere and background music.
The first time she entered a Dojo, she felt a sense of belonging, and since then, Kempo learning has been affecting her life every day. Sensei Goran Pizent is the first person to guide her Kempo journey, and to this day, he has her complete trust and influences her the most. By participating in Gashaku, she learned a lot from O 'Sensei Darko Jambrović and other Sensei and Kempo Ka.
Crises and doubts emerge from time to time, but the trust in the Kempo Path encourages her and motives her perseverance and commitment. She sees the conciseness of Kempo's teachings in Kata. By learning a new Kata, she becomes aware of how little she knew about the previously learned ones. Except for Kata, she finds practicing and learning Kumite the next most significant test of presence, patience, and skill.
She believes that the postulate of peace, harmony, and wisdom, the fundamental goal of Kempo learning, is a holistic and healthy approach to life.

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