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He was born in 1975 in Zagreb. The love for martial arts regularly appeared and smoldered while watching Kung Fu movies in a "Jedinstvo" cinema in Stenjevac. The trigger to start training Karate was the American Ninja and the realization that he was a head shorter than his twin sister. He did not practice Karate for long and despite surpassing his sister in height, he started practicing Tae Kwon Do at the age of 15. After two years of training, the desire to go out at night and have fun prevailed. Since the two were incompatible, he stopped training. After ten years of inactivity, in 2002, he accidentally saw a poster for BLK training in Gajnice and started his journey. Thanks to his long practice, he is familiar with the work of all BLK Sensei lineages. The first half of the practice so far took place under the watchful eye of O'Sensei Ensan Tomia. The second half took place under the patronage of Sensei Goran P. For a long time, he devoted himself to practice oriented exclusively to the physical aspect, but with age comes wisdom. He turned to the spiritual aspect as well. And after so much time with many setbacks and re-examinations, he realized that his journey has just begun.

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